Martial Virtues Academy of Soo Bahk Do
Member school of the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation Inc.
Linwood Recreation Center • 860 St. Clair Ave • Saint Paul • MN
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Philosophy of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan


5 Moo Do Values (History, Tradition, Discipline / Respect, Philosophy, Technique) -an explaination of these values will be posted soon.

The 10 Articles of Faith and Training


1. Be loyal to your country; sacrifice yourself for your duty to your country and your people. This is based on the spirit of the Hwa Rang Do.

2. Be obedient to your parents and elders; children should be dutiful to your parents and parents should be charitable to their children.

3. Be loving between husband and wife; love and affection between the genders develops mankind’s happiness and harmony in life.

4. Be cooperative between brothers and sisters; hold together with cooperation and concord.


5. Be respectful to your elders; protect the rights of the weak with courtesy and modesty.


6. Be faithful between teacher and student; learn the truth through practice of duty and affection.

7. Be faithful between friends; be peaceful and happy with harmony and faith towards each other, regardless of race, and towards all mankind.

8. Face combat only in justice and with honor; be able to distinguish between good and bad with fairness and rightfulness.

9. Never retreat in battle; Sacrifice for justice with capability and bravery.

10. Always finish what you start; Move to action with sureness and hope.

The 8 Key Concepts give us guidance in Pysical and Mental training.

Yong Gi - Courage                              Chung Shin Tong Il - Concentration

In Neh - Endurance                          Chun Jik - Honesty

Kyum Son - Humility                        Him Cho Chung - Control of Power

Shin Chook - Tension / Relaxation     Wan Gup - Speed Control