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Region 7 REX

Region 7 - Regional Examiner, Instructor, and Candidate Resources

Please check this page for resources and information from the Region 7 Regional Examiners.

Upcoming Dates of Importance:

September 28-29, 2019 - Sa Bom Nim Seiberlich Fall Clinic - Ko Dan Ja only

October 12, 2019 - 9am-12:30pm Fall Clinic; 1:30-3:30 Fall Dan Test and KDJ eval - Linwood Rec Center, Saint Paul

November 2019 - US Soo Bahk Do Ko Dan Ja ShimSa and Moment with the Masters - UTAH


Dan Candidate recommended timeline (candidates for Cho, Ee, or Sam Dan)

4-6 months prior to a test:  It is recommended that instructors notify the Regional Examiners approximately 4-6 months out from the next test regarding the number of candidates they plan to recommend (including age, rank test, verify points / regional (and/or national) participation)

2 months prior to test - Instructors should inform Regional Examiners of final count for Dan test

1 month prior to test:  Candidates should submit their packet to their personal instructor. Recomending instructor should forward a rough draft of the essays to Regional Examiners.

2 weeks prior to test:  Recommending instructor should provide final candidate packet to Regional Examiners. Recommending instructor should email a copy of finalized essay to all Regional Examiners.

It is recommended that candidates and their instructor should attend several classes with regional examiners during the final 6 months prior to testing to get directed feedback.  This helps all parties involved prepare for the test.


Candidates for Kyo Sa

Candidates for Kyo Sa should obtain the Kyo Sa instructor certifcation kit from the US Soo Bahk Do Federation 1 year in advance of planned test.

Candidates for Kyo Sa and their instructor should inform the Regional Examiners 1 year in advance of their intent to obtain Kyo Sa Certification.

Candidates for Kyo Sa will need to teach at least 2 classes in front of the Regional Examiners as part of their evaluation.

Candidates for Kyo Sa will participate in at least 1 Dan Shimsa as part of their evaluation.


Point / regional participation system:

Candidates for Cho Dan will need 6 regional participation points to test.  3 points are needed within the 1 year prior to the testing date.  (National event participation counts for 2 regional points)

Candidates for Ee Dan will need 6 NEW additional participation points since their Cho Dan test.  3 points are needed within the 1 year prior to the testing date.

Candidates for Sam Dan will need 8 NEW additional participation points since their Ee Dan test.  3 points are needed within the 1 year prior to the testing date.


Dan Candidate updated REQUIRED documents

1 - REGION 7 Candidate Application Checklist

2 - REGION 7 Instructor Recommendation

3 - World Moo Duk Kwan Rank Application Form

4 - REGION 7 Shimsa Application and Participation Form


Dan Candidate updated informational documents

      US SBD National MINIMUM requirements - 2018

      Region 7 Dan test Minimum guidance sheet - 2018

      Region 7 Dan Test Gi Cho Call Sheet


Regional Examiner contact information

Sa Bom Nim Mike Kelly,, 651-214-1485

Sa Bom Nim Sean Cullen,, 952-374-8129


Opportunities to train with Regional Examiners

1st Saturday of each month - Linwood Rec Center - St. Paul, MN - 10:45am-1pm 

3rd Saturday of each month - North Hennipen Soo Bahk Do - Crystal, MN - 10:30am-12:00pm

Opportunities to train with other Region 7 Seniors

3rd Thursday of each month - St. Cloud Soo Bahk Do - St. Cloud, MN - 6:30-8:30pm - Bill Nelson Sa Bom Nim

Wednesdays - Highland Catholic School - St. Paul, MN - 7pm-8:30pm - Jack Kelly Sa Bom Nim